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The Description Of Multi Bull Hero

City superhero along with destructive wild bull is here to save the city of Vegas from crime gangsters and mafia thugs. Multi Bull Hero Gangster Crime Simulator 2019 is about gangster chase and survival fight against evil robot forces and mafia crime. Crime city is under threat and you as multi bull hero are last hope for citizens. Play superhero city survival game and win the crime attack big city hero game by fighting with underworld crime gangster simulator. Super bull heroes city battle game is totally action packed game. Have you ever become a flying bull superhero in multi hero simulator or in a superhero games in super city? We are giving you the opportunity to play as multi bull superhero in a mad mafia game. The rival gangs are actively doing the criminal activities.

Multi Bull Hero Crime City Battle:
For ultimate survival of criminal gangster city bull superhero is a vigilant survival hero is needed who can act as real superhero for criminal gangster. Nobody knows your super amazing combo fighting action skills. Use your partner wild bull as a crime fighter and use your superhuman powers along with bull fighter hero as gangster crime simulator. Start multi bull hero city rescue mission after the survival and fighting against crime city gangster squad. Super hero city rescue mission after city survival fighting battle will be a benchmark. Incredible bull superhero will play face to face in a city battle fight. Super bull hero legend is very relative to realistic street fighting wrestling her. Bull flying superhero survival fight with mafia gangster and monster robots in 3D open world environment in superhero rescue game. Many superhero city combat and grand city battle quests for the lovers of superhero games 2019.

Bull Superheroes City Survival:
Multi bull hero along with real angry bull partner all the way from grand city is here to face strange hero war against robots & mafia thugs. Bull hero crime city rescue mission have superhuman attack and fighting with kick and punch combos. Angry bull heroes have stealth mission with super hero strange war that has just started with bull hero future mortal battle. Angry bull all the way from jungle is your fighting partner in crime city battle and survival missions. City has not a dark fate as wild bull hero will defend in strange war. This flying superhero bull game is first of its kind on play store. Become a super bull hero a true superhero which can fly and has lightning attack power and laser vision which you can use to battle crime. Do grand city rescue in city survival game with fighting skills.

More Features in Multi Bull Hero Gangster Crime Simulator 2019:

↗ Fight against crime mafia with the help of real angry bull.
↗ Realistic 3d battle of real hero fighter in super bull hero game.
↗ Superhero crime battle & multi hero city battle with gangster crime simulator.
↗ 3D open world survival city for city hero rescue mission.
↗ Complete most challenging modes with different superhero fighting tasks.
↗ New unique gameplay with marvelous HD graphics.
↗ Interactive background sounds & superb visuals.

Multi Bull Hero Additional Information

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  • Requirement:

    Android 4.1+

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